Yesterday our Cyclocross team headed to Coyote Point for the forth, and final race of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series. The weather matched last years event exactly. Hard pack made for a fun corse. Enclosed are some details from the day.


First prototype stem

Walton and Chas placed 1 and 2 at the B.A.S.P #3, so they earned the coveted call-up.

Coyote Point is in the flight path for SFO, so hoping to see some Alaska Airlines GoPro footage soon.

Blake flatted in the first lap, and with no pit wheel, quickly became PRESS. 

Garrett leading a group back out of the down hill section.

Walton and Chas taking a run on the beach.

This is how Walton would like to be remembered on said beach.

Chas in the tapes

Thanks to Tom Simpson, and the Pilarcitos crew, who have continued to create great events here int he Bay Area.

The Cinelli MASH Prototypes have performed really well this season. Can’t wait to see production summer 2012.


Rainier is resting for road season, so in the mean, time he has brought his heckling game to a Category 1.

Chas handling it

Garrett dropping back in the Bridge of Sighs.

Bell Lap

Walton and Chas were out front the entire race, through the last lap.

Walton giving the crowd some love at the finish. W for W

Chas coming in 2nd again. He won the series (if it was still a series) but had hoped for a win in the mix. The season is not over yet!

The guys prepped for the podium

SSCX 1 and 2. Congrats to these guys, and to our team for keeping moral high all season.


Tons more races this season. Look for updates from along the way!