Atomic 22 for MASH

Ready for the future of bicycle security?  Meet Atomic 22

Over the past eight months we have been working closely with Atomic 22 to develop security packages for the bikes we build, ride, and race. The end result is a precisely crafted, limited number custom key system, with smart features,  that far exceeded our expectations. Enclosed is more information on this new program.

Members will register their kits with Atomic 22 online. They include a serial number, and web url to register your product. This stage is a must. This will help your unique tool fit be recorded, and allow for an easy bit replacement if you loose your tools.

The Tribe sets are for bikes with quick release wheels. Works with both 130 and 135 spaced rear wheels. Their solution is by far the best we have seen. The Tribe G set includes front and rear axles. The Tribe D set includes front only, and is a more affordable option if you lock up through your frame and rear wheel.

We also received a couple sets of bolts/caps for square taper crank arms.

The Cinelli MASH kits include the seat binder bolt that works with the existing Cinelli Seat collar. This will work on all Cinelli models with this 34.9 collar. Vigorelli, Bolt, Histogram, and SSCX frames.

The same craft Atomic 22 uses on their designs filters through everything they touch, all the way through to the finished package.

The ratchet handle is a very clean design. Like all the Atomic 22 components, the ratchet tool is exactly as you would want it to be. The entire tool is 4 inches long, so is perfect as a ride along tool.

The Cinelli MASH kits include 2 stem face plate bolts to secure your handlebars to your stem.

The 6 mm set works with Phil Wood, White Industries, and Paul hubs that are 6 mm for example. The hardware is lean, and act like the Phil Chrome Dome with a gnarled side. This helps avoid your rear wheel from slipping without a chain tentioner.

The Bolt-on track kit includes bolts for 9-10 mm track axles being used on aluminum or carbon frames. These will work on Cinelli, and many modern aluminum track frames, and work on Mavic Ellipse, Dura-ace Track, and hubs like Formula, or Gran-Compe type hubs. Please confirm the specs of your build before ordering. Please feel free to email or call the shop with questions.

Atomic 22 produces each piece in house. All the way down to the custom top cap.

This is an example of the QR axle included in the Tribe sets. The ends are a thin profile, with tabs that slot into the dropout and fork end. This avoids anyone from being able to spin them off.