Andy has some really great words here. Sharing experiences is what it’s always been about. The learning curve has been steep, and so have some of the later expectations. It’s nice to hear from people I have met because of cycling, and in this case the content side of recording these moments. Justifiably unnecessary, but ultimately enjoyable time spent, every time.


I can tell you, however, that the criticisms I truly consider are from those of bicycle advocacy groups. While there hasn’t been any formal criticism of our project from such groups, it’s certainly reasonable to assume that they are unappreciative of a bunch of ‘punk kids’ blasting through stop lights, harassing drivers and putting pedestrians on edge. I can appreciate this position–it motivates a breadth of maturity and reflection on the way in which you conduct yourself when riding a bike on the city streets. On the other hand, I think the film has given a form of transportation (the bike), once seen as mundane and inferior, a good kick in the ass and it is now appreciable by those who would have never pondered riding a bike in the city.