Amsterdam Race 8_22-2010

Yesterday we met up at Pristine to see the racers off on their journey through the cities busiest weekend in 5 years. Enclosed are some details from the event.

The route was set to have to travel back and forth along the harbor where the boating events were taking place. 500k visitors from around the world descend on the city, and we were there to send riders through the mess.

Ghost in the machine

35 racers, and support came out to run this one. The skies said rain, but held out for our racers.

International language

Rotterdam came out!

Stefan got the riders prepped. He knows this city as a vetren messenger, and brought these riders to some sites never before seen.

This was a fun start. Foot race to your bike across cars and train tracks

And a headwind of dutch commuters.

Stay tuned for part 2!