3_3_2012 9:30AM


Tomorrow AM we will meet at the Pittsburg / BayPoint BART Station at 9:30am.

Teams will sign in, and receive race numbers, and sign a waiver. The race is free to all on track bikes. All riders are welcome to ride with the group, pull them, route them, and put them on the boat.

At 10AM sharp, the race will leave the station in route to Sacramento.

There might be 1 checkpoint along the route. This will be announced in the morning.

The route will be up to you, and your team to decide. Bring a map, gps, garmin, or phone.

Bring your own food, and hydration, patch kit, and tools.

You can throw your bag in the van, and have access to it at the finish.

The race will finish in Sacramento, on the corner of 14th Street + J Street, in front of the Convention Center.

The top 3 teams will be awarded with prizes inside the Show at 4:30pm. Location TBA

We are supposed to get 10$ entry to the show since we will only be there for the last 2 hours. We will figure this out when we get there. Hang out at the finish until we receive special arm bands.

Amtrak offers rides back to Emeryville at 5:15pm, and hoping to get some riders on this train. Check with Amtrak for updates, and times. All racers will need to make their own arrangements to get back home.

Prizes will be awarded by: Rapha, AntiHero, MASH, and Vittoria, to the top 3 teams. If anyone at the show would like to pot-luck prizes, these dedicated cyclists will be hyped for any additional support!

Weather is sunny, 65 degrees, and 3 mile per hour winds. HELL YES!!!!