mag7Over the weekend I was laid up after hernia surgery. My friend Jon had given me a stack of Sporting Cyclist magazines to look over. This post is not intended to be a digital archive of the 1960’s cycling scene in Europe, but instead some details that I walked away with. These issues argue 1000 words are more valuable than a photograph. With many of the images only taking a quarter page, I got this feeling I grew up with: The Mystery of not being there. Social media has since crushed this era, but these magazines tell a different story. It begins with the waiting. Waiting and waiting for the next issue to be available, and if you were lucky, brought directly to your house. A magazine would be scrubbed and scrubbed, collecting every detail, and the viewer would build his or her own memory of the event. I enjoyed reading about 1963. Enclosed are a few trails for you to build some stoke of your own.


mag11Shot Blocs

mag8More of this please






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