B.A.S.P.S. #6 2014

2T1A1648Coyote Point brings the Bay Area Super Prestige Series to a close for 2014, just as the Bay Area weather is starting to look like cyclocross season. This course is popular among the racers, with some climbing/descending in the woods, technical gravel and sand pits, and few long straights on the beach—all made faster by recent rains. 2T1A1688This group of images includes a few route marker details. I have always liked what these strips of plastic look like in a natural environment. In addition, the simplicity of what a CX course needs to make for a fun race is very spartan and resourceful. I feel like a roll of course tape simply reminds me of good times.

2T1A1621Chelsea locked-on in the Elite Women’s As.2T1A1625Some fans tried to dress up the mid-climb with some Braaap, but the fire was quickly extinguished by the organizers.2T1A1615Kathleen is a new mother and a really fast racer. She is back smashing and getting incredible results.2T1A1631Coyote Point Park is on the bay, so the earth has a high sand content. Even with plenty of rain, some sections reminded racers we’re on the coast.2T1A16582T1A1978Wood mulch made this straightforward-seeming climb a little slippy. With steady power it was an opportunity to make a last pass before turning toward the descent.2T1A1836Oxalis sprouts up everywhere after a good rain.2T1A1928Derek using his natural moto to transition from a descent, into a hard right.2T1A18822T1A2012Rainier put in a strong effort in the Elite Men’s As, holding a top 3 spot for half of the race before giving up a few places in the end.2T1A16942T1A2036Chas has had a shortened CX season, interrupted by several international adventures. When he is in town, he is racing, and he was happy with a top 10 finish on this day.2T1A1802The view from the top of the park looked over a washed-out bay, making for a nice level of contrast from the racers’ point of view.2T1A1950Concentration turns into shaved seconds. One lapse, and they’re given back.2T1A1790Tire options.2T1A2073Chas on the beach.2T1A16892T1A1669Jeff had a chance to jump on the sketchy pile of wood while warming up for the Men’s Bs. Send it!2T1A1781Eucalyptus trees were heavily planted in the Bay Area as the advent of trains created a need for timber to create the cross beams of tracks. The tree generated a twisted railroad tie, so in turn this non-native tree is now overgrown in many parks to this day.2T1A18222T1A19192T1A17572T1A2108Chelsea yelling at the guys to wrap it up. Fun day all around.2T1A2081Derek using the straightaway to get a last drink before the bell lap.2T1A1610Thanks again to the organizers of this series, as well as the promoters to the North and South for keeping Cyclocross fun in the Bay Area. Let’s hope we can bring a race back to the Presidio or Golden Gate Park for 2015. Sponsors: Please help return CX racing to the city of San Francisco in the new year!