It’s not uncommon to see flawless machines built for the street and the track. More often than not, these are the builds that circulate beautiful bicycle mood boards. For this reason, I wanted to share with you some working-class race bikes, set up as travel trainers. When we travel overseas for races, the guys are more often missing out on a section of their road season. With training regiments filling the calendar, two travel days can derail a racer’s current program.2T1A6373


I wanted to share how Kyle and Walton have their race bikes set up for the days leading up to, and after the Red Hook Criterium. Days before a race, you need to hydrate your system. Traveling to a warmer, more humid climate guarentees that hydration input ramps up.2T1A6371Data keeps coaches up to date and racers able to monitor live efforts. These guys do not have the latest technology, but it does what they need. Kyle uses an old 705 with GPS, which is helpful traveling abroad.2T1A6374Saddle bags and tool rolls move sealant and tools out of jersey pockets. Freitag did an industry gifting of their model and it is nice to see them being used, and enjoyed.



Walton’s father gave him his old Cannondale bag for sew-ups. These guys can only travel with race wheels, so having an additional Continential  tire, tape, and sealent acts as back-up on race day.2T1A6384


Kyle engraves his initials in his parts, in fear of them being stolen off his bike while locked up. City life.

Look for updates as we ramp into stop two of the 2014 Red Hook Criterium series from Barcelona Spain.