2T1A8220   With the 2014 Red Hook Criterium season behind us, we wanted to share some details from the Milano stop. As a shop and team, our goal has always been to help our friends race bikes and see how far they can take it. For 2015, three members out of our five-racer Crit team are signed with professional road teams. Walton, Kyle, and Evan will all race pro next year. We do not know what the future of MASH at Red Hook events will bring, but we are completely happy about seeing our friends go from riding on the street, to racing alleycats, to racing road, cyclocross, fixed crits, and ultimately taking it to the next level as professional athletes. SO STOKED FOR THESE GUYS!

As we look back at the Milano photos, they mean a little more to me now. This group of friends would be riding together, on or off a team, so to put them on a plane and go to the other side of the planet for a few days is all the more special. Chas has inspired these guys on the street for years. Rainier was the first of the group to make it as a Category 1 road racer. This is the fuel that pushes each other to take risks and make progress toward personal goals. Enclosed are some details from the Red Hook Milano earlier this month and some behind the scenes notes from the trip. 2T1A8251 2T1A8389 2T1A8305Rainier warming up before qualifiers. Traveling internationally for these events makes it impossible to have many of the amenities that help a racer prepare. We are thankful to San Marco for the use of their tent and Cinelli for a few sets of rollers. We always scrap something together, so thanks for this support.2T1A8229This was the first race that we could celebrate Kyle and Evan racing on the same team at a Red Hook event. The Cinelli family was excited about this bond as well.2T1A8374 2T1A8296Evan and Kyle work with Tom Sachs. Get your wheel, or seat stolen once and you create a system that helps you in future situations. Serial numbering everything.2T1A8260Pinning2T1A8418Chas qualifying in the team CX skin suit. Was awesome to see this suit on the road.2T1A8589As a testament to these races getting faster each year, the course lap time was three seconds faster than the same course raced in 2013.2T1A8424Chas did not race in Barcelona, so was required to qualify with group 2. This ended up working in his favor, setting a strong start for the main men’s race.2T1A8834Garrett understands MASH completely and for this reason he helps the team feel pro on the bike. The 2015 Cinelli Parallax with the theme throughout the Castelli Skinsuit and Giro Synthe helmets. Feel fast=go fast.2T1A85682T1A83822T1A87882T1A85912T1A88072T1A86432T1A88132T1A88162T1A89942T1A88992T1A8971Dave leading the neutral lap.2T1A8964The crowd at this race was one of the largest so far. It made it difficult to get to vantage points for shooting, but that was made up by the excitement of the masses.2T1A90022T1A90262T1A93322T1A89592T1A93572T1A93912T1A94362T1A94602T1A95542T1A9515