Velodrom d’’Horta Practice Session

2T1A3794Enclosed are moments shot during a morning session at the D’Horta Velodrome here in Barcelona. As you will see, this was an incredible opportunity, and it was not lost on all the riders that were able to put in training laps here at the track.



2T1A4378 250 Meters

2T1A3965The location, just like the city itself, is scenic beyond words.



2T1A4314Chas about to drop in

2T1A4412 Like many Velodromes, the infield doubles as a multi-use space.

2T1A4304Josh taking it all in. Groups were allowed on in 8 minute sections, so there was plenty of time to study as you re-hydrate.

2T1A4137JT was able to borrow a bike from the team at Dosnoventa. They have been incredible hosts.

2T1A4386The track is 21 years old, so it has it’s own battle scars.

2T1A3834Evan was putting in some of the fastest laps of our group. He will be a major contender tomorrow.

2T1A4176The guys were ecstatic about this opportunity. Rainier was all smiles on and off the track.

2T1A4022Kyle is looking really strong. He just got his upgrade to Category 1. With his second place finish at the last Red Hook event, he has his sights set on helping the team to a strong finish.

2T1A4247Dropping into the straights on this track is no joke. With 45 degree banks, there is a lot on the line.

2T1A4296Obligatory photograph

2T1A4136Marc spends a good amount of time racing at Hellyer Velodrome back home, so looked very comfortable on the boards.



2T1A3904Dave is everywhere! We have been having a blast running around with him on this trip. Tomorrow is the Red Hook Crit, so i’m guessing he will be awake for the next 48 hours until it is all in the books.

2T1A4142The velodrome has loaner bikes used for teaching new riders the track. Rainier was graciously loaned one so he could put in laps on this incredible track.

2T1A4202 Kyle broke his seat binder bolt early on, so was sidelined for some of the track time.

2T1A4241Walton, and a few of the guys passed around a Garmin, and wanted to see what their top speed was. I think 40mph was met with crit gearing.

2T1A4097Cool down lap

2T1A3874Josh wondering if he will ever want to return to New York.

2T1A4206Rainier’s bike arrived late and damaged from the airline, so he was able to take some laps on Walton’s bike.

2T1A4423Amazing Durney

2T1A4377Cooper shooting the track

2T1A4264High 5 Handouts

2T1A4366Great group!

2T1A4375Crihs needed a self portrait for this coming Sunday.